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I am a Registered Clinical Hypnotherapist and Psychotherapist working with adults and children from my practice in West Bridgford, Nottingham.

Support in Challenging Times
Life can be challenging and for many of us this can result in heightened levels of anxiety and stress, disturbed sleep and feelings of loneliness and isolation. I offer a safe, calm and welcoming space with in-person sessions at the Bay Centre, as well as online sessions and phone support.
Find out more about the Bay Centre here: 


Hypnotherapy is an established, effective form of psychotherapy  which can help you make positive, lasting change, freeing you from unwanted thoughts and behaviours, restoring your confidence and self belief.
Hypnotherapy can help you overcome anxiety, be free from phobias and fears, soothe and manage chronic pain, restore positive sleep patterns and calm exam or performance nerves. It can also be transformatve in helping people manage their weight, stop smoking, break unwanted habits and gain the motivation to move forwards in their lives. 

My approach...

My approach is to listen carefully to you, to understand your experience with compassion, curiosity and acceptance. I will help you identify your goals, what holds you back and most importantly,  find your inner strengths and resources to navigate your way ahead for a more positive, fulfilling life. Therapy sessions with me offer clients a catalyst and support for change which they can then incorporate into their everyday life.

Taking the first step...

Deciding to make changes and finding the best kind of help can be daunting. At the heart of any successful therapy is the positive relationship between client and therapist, so it is vital to find the right person. With this in mind I offer an initial consultation where you can find out more about hypnotherapy, my approach and whether I am the right therapist for you.
In the meantime you can find recordings to help you relax, find calm and balance on the Recordings and Resources page here.... 
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What clients Say...

Ruth has given me such positive experiences in our sessions together and every session has allowed me to reflect on and assist with the trickier parts of life in a warm and open environment. I feel Ruth's service embodies her ethos of helping someone in a genuine, caring and supportive way. Since working with Ruth, I genuinely feel I will be able to better deal with life's challenges. I would definitely recommend Ruth to others. 

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