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I love working with children and young people - both in my capacity as a therapist and as a teacher. Their  energy, curiosity and honesty is a joy. Childhood years seem like they should be full of carefree delight. Sometimes however, children and young people can face challenges which may need an extra helping hand to resolve.


Issues brought to therapy can include anxiety, panic attacks, fears and phobias, exam worries, performance nervesbullying, unwanted habits, ticsanger, low self esteem, body image, food issues and sleep difficulties

Hypnotherapy with children and teenagers

Children often respond extremely well to hypnotherapy. I offer a flexible and creative approach tailored to individual interests and personalities. I often use stories, metaphor and imaginative play especially with younger children to explore the issues brought, with an emphasis on the sessions being relaxed and enjoyable. Teenagers can sometimes feel particularly self conscious at first and building trust and a good rapport is crucial. As with adult clients I will often send a recording home for children to listen to as well as set a few small tasks to do between sessions. Parents and carers are very welcome to be in sessions and will need to be there if their child is under 16yrs. Older teenagers sometimes like to have the independence to be alone in sessions but may wish to have their parent/carer sit nearby.  

Choosing a therapist for your child

Always check that a therapist is appropriately qualified, fully insured and has experience and training in working with children. It is also important to check that they have a full DBS certificate. As with adult clients, at the heart of any successful therapy is the positive relationship between client and therapist. Check your child feels safe, comfortable and relaxed with the therapist. 
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